My Story

In 2015 I moved to Denmark from the UK. It wasn't an easy choice to make, but it was needed.

Things weren't going so well back in Britain. I missed my Danish boyfriend I met online and just couldn't function without him. He visited me a month prior and ever since he left I just couldn't pull myself out of the funk I was in.

Work was awful. I was bullied by a colleague and my hours were reduced. It came to a point where I had enough of being a victim, I had enough of relying on work which didn't even pay enough for me to travel to my shifts. I was sick of feeling so low. Something had to change.

My boyfriend (now husband) offered that I could move in with him. After just a month of planning, I packed some belongings, handed in my notice and got the heck out of the UK, leaving bad memories and a not-so-stellar quality of life behind. I had a month's pay in my bank account. I was taking a huge risk.

With no guarantee of an income or success, I arrived in Denmark. I was terrified but so happy to see my man again. I felt like some weight was lifted off my shoulders. He welcomed me into his little home and made lasagne, which happened to be the first ever meal he cooked for me when I first visited the year prior.

Things went well the first couple of months. I looked for jobs and signed up for language school. I was taking it easy but also hoped to find a source of income quickly. Though my boyfriend could support me financially, I didn't want to be a burden.

Something as simple as a dodgy belly changed things.

The weekend before I was about to start language school, I felt ill. I thought I had eaten something that didn't agree with me. It turns out I was a month pregnant! It certainly put a spanner into the works! Everything revolved around the baby and it was a stressful time for me.

I quit language school just one month in due to frustration and being constantly absent to attend hospital appointments. Unfortunately I barely knew any Danish over a year being in the country. I was depressed for a time. I had little hope of my prospects improving.

When my daughter was 4 months old I returned to language school for one last try. This time it was much more successful, I ended up attending for a year. My Danish improved enough for me to land a part-time cleaning job which I held for 4 months. I quit to attend VUC so I could concentrate on my education. My grasp of the language drastically improved since attending.

Me, my husband and daughter together outdoors laughing.
Me and my family. It's an old photo, but a good one!
I can now say that life has improved. Being an expat is hard work and can do a number on your mental health, but it can also give you such a boost in confidence, especially when you learn a new language and make some friends.

I feel as if I have a second chance at life. I'm grasping it with both hands.

I'm settling in Denmark and have a wonderful, supportive little family. I miss family and friends in the UK, but I can visit them.

Life is good. Denmark is a lovely country. I'm happy here.

A photo of me and my family outdoors.
A more recent photo of me and my family.