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Gathering all the little bits and pieces for a new baby can be a daunting task. There's so many 
things to consider buying. What I'm impressed with is the sheer amount of gratis babypakker (free baby starter packs) on offer here in Denmark.

Browsing around online, I can barely find any information about them in English, so I thought I would share information in English about each pack and how they can be obtained. I hope this list will help other expats in Denmark!

Free pack of nappies from Libero

Libero offer a free pack of newborn nappies if you join their club. When you have signed up, you will receive an SMS containing a mobile coupon.

You can redeem the nappies at your local store. We redeemed ours at SuperBrugsen. To sign up, visit the Libero Klubben page.

Baby box from BabySam

The baby store BabySam have their own free baby box on offer. The contents come up to the value of 200kr and vary. I read that sometimes a nappy bin has been included as well as Pampers nappies and a toy.

You will need to order your box online and collect it from a BabySam store no earlier than 3 months before the birth, no later than 3 months after.

Baby starter pack from Rema 1000

You can claim a free baby starter pack from your local Rema 1000 store. The pack includes a sample of Rema 1000's own brand of newborn nappies, wipes, a dummy (pacifier), a teddy bear and a surprise.

The pack comes to the value of approximately 80kr. Simply sign up on the Rema 1000 website and you'll receive a voucher by email.

Toujours baby pack from Lidl

There is a Toujours goodie bag you can grab from Lidl, but you will need to order it first. Included is a reusable bag, Toujours nappies, wipes and a mystery gift.

Simply sign up on the website to be able to claim your free pack from your local Lidl. It can be redeemed from pregnancy until your child is 6 months old.

Club Matas maternity package

The pharmacy Matas runs Club Matas, an initiative which reminds me a lot of the UK's Boots Advantage Card. To receive a free maternity package from them which includes some toiletries and a reusable bag, you need to be a Club Matas member and have also signed up the baby club.

If you're already a member or become one, you produce your membership card in Matas to receive the pack.

Baby box from Fakta

The folks over at supermarket Fakta offer a box full of baby essentials. To grab one, simply sign up on the Fakta website and you'll receive a voucher by SMS.

Note the baby boxes are in high demand and may be out of stock. Call your local store to make sure they have them in stock to avoid disappointment.

Baby box from SuperBrugsen

SuperBrugen's baby box is similar to the Fakta's, but it's still worth getting your hands on. Note that it's only free of charge if you are a member of the SuperBrugsen points card scheme. If not, you can purchase it for 220 kr.

You can find the baby box in your local SuperBrugsen.

These are the free starter packs that I know of. Perhaps there are more? If I missed any, please do let me know in the comments!

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Note: I'm not being sponsored at all to write about these packs. I just think it would be helpful to others. The terms and conditions for claiming the packs may also be subject to change. The information upon publishing this post is to my knowledge correct.

Post last updated: March 18th 2018.

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