5 Funny Danish Words

Danish is a funny-sounding language. I can't deny that. When I first heard Danes speak, I did have a quiet giggle. I just couldn't help it and I reckon others in my situation might have done so, too.

There's some words that you immediately have a laugh at when seeing or hearing them as a native English speaker. There's some that have a double meaning. Here is a list of 5 Danish words that (in my opinion) are funny and still make me titter to this day.

1. Fart

Fart. A word that conjures snickers and giggles alike for many. Fart in Danish means speed.

Call me immature, but as soon as I entered my fiance's hometown for the first time, I saw a sign that displays a person's driving speed as they pass. It said "din fart" (your speed) on it. I immediately giggled, snorted and said "fart!" bluntly. It wasn't my finest moment.

2. Slutspurt

When out in town one day, I saw a huge, bright sign on a shop window stating slutspurt in capitals. I giggled like a naughty schoolgirl! My husband asked me what I found so amusing, so pointed it out. Slutspurt means final run in Danish.

Basically that sign meant the shop's sale was ending soon. Of course I thought it meant something else.

3. Killing

Take a guess. What do you think the Danish word killing means in English? Here's a hint: it's nothing to do with murder or death.

Give up? It actually means kitten.

Yes! A cute, cuddly, fluffy, harmless kitten. To make things even more awkward, the Danish word for chicken is kylling, so if you're unfortunate enough to get the pronunciation wrong, you might be asking the poor fellow at your local grill for a kitten kebab!

4. Gift

We all like gifts, don't we? There's nothing quite like receiving a lovely present from a loved one. You may be surprised to know that gift is Danish for married. Now, depending on your marriage, you might very well consider it a gift.

As they say in those infomercials that run on the TV at stupid o'clock in the morning, "But wait, there's more!". Gift not only means married, but also means poison!

Coincidence? Maybe? Perhaps some bitter divorcee came up with it.

5. Kok

Kok is pretty self-explanatory of what it's so amusing to me. It means cook, or chef.

Quite fitting really, considering some celebrity chefs are- alright, I won't go there.

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Have you encountered any funny words or phrases from another country?

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